Referral Management

It is essential to streamline patients' experience of referrals starting from seeing their General Practitioner to attending their hospital appointment.

Referral-Management FS MEDICAL BILLING

We are an experienced team of professionals and manage referrals for clients, including clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), their member general practitioners, optometrists, and dentists. Our team is highly trained and has vast experience in handling providers.

Our experts receive and review referrals via National NHS e-referral (e-RS) from local GP practices and allocate them to a consultant. We get success by providing a rapid specialist opinion service via our consultants. We work closely with clinical colleagues and ensure that each referral gets a positive outcome. Besides ensuring that the referral is correct, we also provide the following:

  • Provide clinical reason when an alternative service, like an appointment with an additional general practitioner, maybe a better option
  • Advise general practitioners about supporting the patient.
  • Gibing Signposting and re-direction guidance about incorrect referrals

When we use e-RS, we remove the need for costs related to minimizing financial risk to CCGs and software requirements. E-RS also provides referrers with a platform to direct referrals to our service. We give customized service to each CCG, and the ability to add or remove specialties helps us meet the needs.