Charge Entry

FS medical billing uses a well-formed Charge Entry Process Services USA. The entire process has detailed steps, and we check every step thoroughly. Doing so increases our work efficiency and speed, and we can manage an error-free operation.


Charge Entry Process Services

Our billing resources team thoroughly understands the US healthcare system and gives excellent Support during investigations and decision-making.

The following steps are involved in the charge entry process.

Step 1 – Receiving Files

We receive Explanations of Benefits (EOBs) and cheques in scanned form through a secure FTP site.

Step 2 – File Download and Allocation

Our medical billing team downloads the files received through the FTP site. They review it thoroughly and allocate the processing work to the payment posting team.

Step 3 – Entry of Collection/Payment

The payment posting team takes demographic data like the amount paid, amount adjusted, amount billed, patient’s account number, and the amount allowed.

Step 4 – EOB Follow Up

Our team does the required investigation and analysis in partial payments and takes corrective measures.

Step 5 – Analysis of Denied claims

Our billing resources team properly investigates every case and checks the EOB. They take the necessary action to recover dues and help in decision-making.

Step 6 – Client Feedback

We evaluate the feedback related to data quality shared by the clients and take the essential steps to improve the data quality. By doing so, delivering accurate and quality medical billing services becomes the result.