Denial Management Solutions

Some people mistake denial management solutions in the USA for rejection management. However, these two are different. Due to errors in claims made to the payer's adjudication system rejected, the billers need to correct and submit these claims again. On the other hand, denied claims are the claims in which the payer denies the payment while the claims are processed.

Denial Management Solutions USA

FS Medical Billing takes care of both rejected and denied claims. Denied claims depict delayed revenue or lost revenue. For an appeal on denied claims, the biller must analyze the root cause, take necessary steps to address the identified issues, and file an appeal with the payer.


FS medical billing has an expert team who works dedicatedly in the following manner:

  • Find out the reason for the denied claim
  • Resolve the issue
  • Submit the request to the insurance company again.
  • File appeal where required.

We know that denial cases vary. We ensure the correction of incorrect medical codes, provision of supporting clinical documentation, and appeal in case o prior authorization denials. We re-evaluate all clinical information before submitting again. We work closely with you and reduce the denial rate.


We analyze the denial reasons, design appeal letters, and file the claims again via fax appeals in a payer-specific format along with the clinical documentation.