Claims Follow-Up & A/R Follow-Up

Our expert team at FS medical billing assists healthcare organizations and recovering their overdue payments from insurance carriers timely. We make sure that healthcare providers work smoothly and get them their owed amount as quickly as possible.

Let’s know why you need to have an A/R team

  • To focus on the denied claims.
  • To get high reimbursements from the payers.
  • Charge entries, verifications & payments are added promptly.
  • To complete the follow-up on time & with fewer charges.

At FS Medical Billing Services, we follow a well-defined process for A/R follow-up. Here are the details:

  • Identify and analyze the claims listed on the A/R aging report.
  • Analyze & prioritize the claims.
  • Collect claims.

As you can see, our process is simple and efficient. Without any fuss, we do the claims follow-ups and A/R follow-ups. Our priority is the amount of recovery, ensuring no loss. Our team is well-experienced and trained, and they make sure that collections are complete. Our team knows the proper techniques and tactics to make that happen quickly.