Provider Enrollment (Credentialing)

FS medical billing provides economical solutions for physician credentialing, Medicare/Medicaid enrollment, contract negotiations, and insurance enrollment. We assist many medical professionals with tasks like re-contracting or enrollment maintenance services, hospital credentialing, CAQH credentialing, and new provider credentialing.

Provider Credentialing Services USA


Insurance enrollment is critical and can lead to damaged cash flow if done wrong. So, experts’ help is needed to avoid any loss.

How Do We Work?

Our enrollment specialists are skilled and have the tools to give you the facility, and at the same time, providers remain compliant with the contracted payers. We take care of new enrollments for hospitals, credentialing, and revalidations.

Our team takes care of every issue caused by Medicare or CAQH, and if payers take much time to process your applications. Our team will help regardless of the issue.

We all know that time is precious, so we can take the burden off your shoulders regarding provider enrollment and credentialing services in the USA. We have facilitated many providers over the past years.

We work with therapists, facilities, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and physicians. Save your valued money as well as time, and choose us wisely. We will never let you down.