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Our priority is medical billing with the most experienced and professional team members and management. With a simple process, it takes just a couple of days, not weeks, to get your practice onboard. Our dedicated team members and implementation specialists will start working on you're A/R and capable for a handle denial management.

Our Main Services

FS Medical Billing is a comprehensive solution for a medical provider that provides extensive and high-tech Billing services to US healthcare providers.

FS medical billing offers flexible medical billing and coding solutions. We assure you that you will.

Providers verify eligibility and benefits of the patients

FS medical billing use a well-formed charge entry process. The entire process has detailed steps..

Corrected claim is the replacement of already submitted claim.

Expert team at FS medical billing assists healthcare organizations.

Payment posting process portrays about the effectiveness of your revenue cycle.

Claims that have not made to the payer’s adjudication system because of errors..

Some medical treatments need to be pre-authorized before performing.

It is very important to streamline patient’s experience of referrals starting from seeing their General Practitioner to attending their appointment in hospitals.

FS medical billing provides economical solutions for physician credentialing, Medicare/Medicaid enrollment, contract negotiations, and insurance enrollment.


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