Payment Posting

The payment posting services in the USA portray the effectiveness of your revenue cycle. You can have a view of trends in reimbursements. A practical payment posting helps to see the state of your revenue cycle. It would be best if you chose a highly skilled team to process payments.

Payment Posting Services USA

Our Payment Posting Process

We work with accuracy and responsibility while processing remittances. We carefully follow the guidelines of our clients. Here are the details of our services:

Patient Payments

We get information related to point-of-service payments made by patients from our clients. These payments can be through checks/credit cards/cash, on account of co-pays, non-covered services, or deductibles. Our experts check the data received and adjust accordingly to each patient’s history.

Insurance Posting

We ensure the processing of Insurance Payments in the following formats

  • Electronic Remittance Advisory

We process high-volume ERAs we receive from payers in batches by importing them into the client’s practice management system. Each collection can face exceptions, and we correct them with the verification of batch totals.

  • Manual Posting

We get scanned EOBs from our clients, and each EOB can access through the EHR system or secure FTPs. Then it is processed by the client’s business rules for write-offs, adjustments, and balance transfers to secondary insurance companies.